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Juanfran the Tortured Spanish Poet: A Gallery of the Saddest Man in Soccer

sad juanfran

The two greatest pithy stories of the last 100 years:

1)” For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” – Ernest Hemmingway

2) “Juanfran looks like a tortured poet during the Spanish civil war or something.” – SchurkjeBoefje (source)


Look at this morose motherfucker. Imagine being on the pitch with Spanish Eeyore.



Jesus Christ, man.



Now I feel bad for posting this gallery. I’m kind of concerned for his welfare.



I wonder what he’s like at home. Does he just cry all the time?



He just got off a ride at Disneyland.



There’s a therapy where you just have to hold a kid because they weren’t loved as a child. Is this what he needs? Would you hug Juanfran for hours?



Does he need a juice?



Check this shit out. He’s almost smiling. He face was probably bruised for days.

juanfran plane


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