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Funniest & Worst Fifa 19 Kits

speed for sperm

Here’s the shittiest kits so far. We’ll be updating these as we come across them in our very real and crippling addiction to FIFA.

10) Ipswitch Town (Championship – English 2nd div)

magical vegas fifa 19 kit

Magical Vegas.


9) FC Utrecht (Dutch Eredivisie Regular Season)

zorg van de zaak

Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back? Zorg van de Zaak.


8) QPR (Championship – English 2nd div)

qpr royal panda fifa 19 kit

Royal Panda and it’s pink. Definitely gets you on the list.

7) Notts County (League Two)

jake bugg notts county fifa kit

A few things here:

  • Notts County has been around since 1862, making it the world’s oldest professional association football club
  • It’s actually Jake Bugg the famous musician that sponsored this kit
  • This shouldn’t be on the list of worst given that he just loves his club and decided to sponsor it
  • But his name is Jake Bugg so it deserves to be on the list of worst

6) Arka Gdynia (Polish League)

gdynia fifa kit

Someone went balls out Etch a Sketch on a shirt.

5) Crawley Town (4th div English League)

peoples pension

The hottest retirement fund kit in the game today.

4) BK Häcken (Allsvenskan)

bra kit

It says “BRA” on it and I’m 8.


3) Livingston FC (Scottish Premiership)

tony macaroni fifa 19 kit

Apparently Tony Macaroni is a bit Italian restaurant in Scotland. I hope Kevin Lasagna plays for them one day.


2) Empoli (Serie A)

fifa 19 kits empoli computer gross

It says Computer Gross right on it. We’ve written about it before because it’s news you can use: Holy Shit There’s a Kit That Just Says “Computer Gross”


1) TSV Hartberg (Austrian Bundesliga)

speed for sperm kit

This kit says SPEED FOR SPERM on the SEVENTH logo on the FRONT of the kit.

speed for sperm

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