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Fantasy Grocery Shopping: Part 1 – Ron Mexico

ron mexico

¿Where is Ron Mexico? Go fuck yourself. Do you think Ron Mexico is a game? He shops hard. He shops raw. And if he shopped at K-Mart in Sonoma, CA, his shopping list would be:


1) Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread

Getting in touch with his Southern roots


2) Prince’s Lunch Tongue

Food first licked by royalty, and then canned for Ron Mexico’s palate


3) Butter Sculpture of a Tree

Ron is lactose intolerant, but he’ll tolerate it if it looks like foliage


4) Busty Roasted Chicken Marinated in Seduction

You can’t spell Ron Mexico without chicken tits


5) Hootie & the Blowfish’s 1993 EP, “Kootchypop”

Jams to give people herpes to


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