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10 Tips on Hosting the Perfect Superbowl Party

superbowl party tips

If you haven’t lost all of your friends in The Purge by now and you’re looking for Superbowl party ideas, look no further than a list written by a 68 year old Nigerian balloon store manager. (That’s who we outsource content to)

10. Bring up Satan like once or twice, but not any more than that.

9. Football fans love two things: hot wings and Palestine. This is the best time for open discussion.

8. Like, 11 or 12 dogs.

7. Yell “you know what they’re stealing? My heart!” Then check quick to see if the Steelers are playing.

6. You know what? Talk about Satan. As much as you want. Holding back at this point is only going to make things worse.

5. Frasier themed appetizers.

4. Buy 85 extra Bud Lights in case Cybill Shepherd shows up.

3. Don’t stop believin’, then stop for a bit, then go back to not stopping and see if anyone notices.

2. Your therapist said your lack of communication is keeping you from the things you want in life, Greg. This might be the perfect time to reach out and be open while remaining true to yourself. (This one is for Greg)

1. The Frozen soundtrack.

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