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NBA Player Feet: What’s up with them Nasty Toes?

lebron james toes

There’s some serious Chinese foot binding shit going on in the NBA. It’s probably due to huge weight of players vs. the quick juke start / stops that come with the game. That plus sneakers that look great but aren’t awesome for the feet.

It’s no wonder NBA players get pedicures.

Here’s another shot of Lebron’s insane foot.
lebron james toes


James Harden

Who else wants to hit his foot with a fire iron?

james harden toes

Reference: Here’s the scene from Mr. Deeds when John Turturro goes apeshit.


Shaq’s toes.

shaq toes


Here’s the video. Go to 1:17 to start puking.


Don’t worry, he got a pedicure and put some sparkle on it.

shaq toes nail polish


Evan Turner

Not his, but he posted this.


Usain Bolt

Apparently it’s not just NBA players. Here’s Usain Bolt’s.

usain bolt feet

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